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N73 and Memory card corruption

“Memory Card corrupted” I got this error, the next day I bought the phone. And the memory was from the best brand. So I thought, I lost the money. I tried formatting it from the phone. But nothing worked.

As a last try, I bought a card reader for my PC at a price of 350 Indian Rs. (around 7US$)
It detected all the datas in my card. The card was working perfectly. So I just copied my files from the card to hard disk. Then I formatted, and inserted the card on my phone. Yes! it worked perfectly.

So if anyone experiencing such problem, don’t worry. 99% chance is there for a recovery. You can buy a card reader – very cheap nowadays. When ever such an error occur, just insert the card into the Card Reader, copy items to hard disk. Format it, then copy items back to card. And then insert the card back to phone. You have all your data back.

One more problem I noticed with memory card is, if the card get corrupted – or if the phone thinks that way- the battery get drained in no time. I am not sure why is that. But I have noticed that several days.

So the next time your phone shows a memory card corrupted error you can relax. 🙂


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Sharing videos and images online from your N73

Do you want to share videos and images online for your friends and families to view?
It is very easy if you have an account in Flickr, Youtube etc. If you do not have visit these sites today and create a free membership. You can just take a photo or video and upload it to these sites using GPRS/EDGE/3G.

The next thing you need is Shozu. This can be downloaded from . You also need to sign up for all the services. The best part is, it is completely free. It is not limited to image/video uploading. You can do lot of things with Shozu if you have a GPRS/EDGE/3G connection. You can blog, Zucast,  Share videos, images etc.  And it is a must try application if you have internet connection enabled on your phone.

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Using N73 as a Remote Control for your PC

If you have blootooth installed on your computer, then you can control your PC from N73. It acts as a universal remote controller. You can map keys – for eg: when pressing 1 on your N73, this can be mapped as more complex keystroke on your PC.

You can control all the applications throuh it using key mapping. You can enjoy audio and video playback without going too close to the computer.

The software is free to try, but needs to $12.95 to buy. 😦

For details

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Gmail on N73

For more than one month I am using this application on my N73. It is almost like the same web base interface and is fast. No more downloads of emails with large attachments. One downside is I couldn’t open all type of attachments. Attached images are working correctly. But always shown as attachments. But when I tried other type of files, it doesnt work. I am not sure what is the reason, because the N73 can handle Word, Power Point and Flash contents.

Thumbs Up! google.

Download the application by directly browsing to from your phone browser.

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N73 as a torch

easy123.gifYou can use your N73 (or any S60 1,2,3 platform nokia) as a handy torch lite.
There are two applications which makes it possible.

  • NTorch
  • Spoton

You need to pay for NTorch while SpotOn is a freeware alternative.

I tried NTorch and is useful. It uses the camera flash. So you can’t use the camera and the NTorch application at the same time.

Didn’t tried SpotOn. But it uses the screen display. So it may not be good as NTorch. But still, as being freeware we can try it.

For more details on NTorch visit

For Spot On visit

Edit: The above link does not work for SpotOn as they have released a new version. Please see the post “Five Most Useful Free Applications“. The new version has more features  and you can download if freely.

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