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VNC Viewer for your Nokia N73

There is an open source VNC Viewer available for the S60 3rd platform. So with this powerful tool in your N73 you can remote control your office computer, or any computer installed with a VNC server.

For connection you need to specify the IP address and port. Once connected, you can send text commands, special chars and keys (like page up, page down etc)

Screen Shots

screenshot0048.jpg screenshot0049.jpg

Download from SourceForge

In case you are not familiar with VNC please read below. 🙂

What is VNC ?

Well, VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. Please find more at WikiPedia.

What is the Use ?

Using this, we can remote control a computer running anywhere in the world.

How to ?

The VNC Server version which is available freely (commercial versions with more features are available) should be installed on the computer that is to be controlled remotely. Then using the VNC client we can connect to that computer through Internet/LAN/WAN etc.

In the same WikiPedia page a comparison of various free and commercial VNC Servers are given at the bottom.

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cCalc – A free Scientific calculator

Want to make your N73 a powerful scientific calculator? There is an application to do that and that too for free. It comes with a heavy load of features. And the interface is designed with maximum usability. All basic operations can be performed via the joystick (just like the calcium calculator). Also every key is labeled on the top left so there will be no confusion for finding the keys. It will also allow editing your own functions. You need to press the Pen tool key on your phone to get the scientific functions. A very nice tool. Thanks developers for making it free.


For more screen shots and detailed description.


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Coogees – A mobile community with MSN Messenger support

Do you want to share videos, pictures or other files with your friends or want to see what others have shared? Do you need to send files to your MSN buddies from your mobile? Then this free application can be very useful.

You can browse through a large collection of files shared by members including images, videos, animations etc. You can upload your files (images, videos, applications etc) too. You can then send that file to your MSN buddies through the Hier Messenger that is bundled with the application.

It has a neat interface which is easy to browse through. It can list your files in your space, most viewed files, most recent files, spaces of other users etc. You can search by tags too. You can also subscribe to spaces by other users.

You can restrict the access of your uploaded files. You can allow public to view and comment or can keep it as private. You can even embed the file in your blog or website too which is quite useful. Also you have unlimited space for your uploads. That is really nice.

You can read the FAQ before installing. It explains everything in a simple way.

To download go to and select your phone and model. For Nokia N73 users, just click here to download the file.

Screen Shots


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Mobizines – Mobile Magazines in your N73

Do you like reading magazines? How about reading technology news, gadgets, game reviews, fashion, gossips etc in your mobile ? Or do you want to read your favorite site feeds in a more readable format? Then you have a very interesting application which makes it possible on your N73 (of course, many other mobile platforms are supported as it is JAVA). Yes, it is free. 🙂

What this application does is, it downloads contents from websites, TV channels, Magazines etc in a more readable format for your mobile. It optimizes the content to be displayed in resolutions that can handle by your mobile device. So there will be hardly any horizontal scrolling. So it is better than reading the original content online even if it is available. And once an item is downloaded, unlike web pages you don’t need to download again for each time. Also, the files are downloaded in a compressed format. So it is fast and can save your money on data traffic.

There are lots of mobizines available and the number is increasing. Many of them are updated daily. It can alert you if there is an update for any magazine. You can subscribe to any available mobizines. You can also add your favorite RSS feeds. The list includes

  • pocket -lint
  • BBC
  • Cricket 365
  • Game Spot
  • Maxim etc.

For a number of supported mobizines, please visit . As you can add your own RSS feeds, the list is virtually unlimited. (Note: Some of them are available only through the RSS feeds. So you must sign up for fully utilizing the application.)

The interface is also good with different backgrounds for each and every magazine. You can use your joystick to navigate.

Once you sign up with mobizine, you can manage mobizines via web. You need to sign up to use the My Mobizines section.

Want to read more about this nice application? See this link.

To download, you can either get the link as a SMS. But I prefer manual installation. You can follow these simple steps.

  • Go to
  • Go to the QVGA resolution supported phones list. Or click here
  • Download the file that reads “Download mobizines_qvga.jar (185kb)”
  • Install via Nokia PC Suite
  • You may be asked to sent an SMS when it is running for the first time. Allow it. (Note: You will be charged for the SMS by your carrier). You are done.
  • Now you can create an account in Mobizines site for managing content more effectively. Sign Up and a pin code will be sent to your mobile. You will need to enter it to complete the registration.

Now you can manage your mobizines either via your N73 or through the drag and drop interface in My Mobizines section.


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ICC World Cup News & Live Matches through Widgets

For the cricket fans out there, I have created two widgets using WidSets. What it does is

WordCupCricket – News – News from Indiatimes Feeds.

WorldCupCricket – Live – Live match scores from Indiatimes Feeds.

If you do not have WidSets installed, then please see my earlier post regarding Widgets.

After installing widgets you can click on the corresponding icons to install.

Add to my Widsets World Cup Cricket News

Add to my Widsets World Cup Cricket

If you have expected something more I am really sorry for the title 😉  .

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