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PuTTY for N73

If you have ever managed a web server, then you should have used PuTTY and need no introduction about it. For the rest of the people, PuTTY is the most popular SSH (Secure SHell) client. It is mostly used to manage a web server remotely. So with this free application, you can manage your server from your N73 no matter where you are.

When I tried it the first time without defining any settings, it just hanged at the “Select access point” stage. Then I tried by defining settings first.

(In the following section, italics words are used for differentiating menu items. Please also refer the screen shots)

In “Settings and tools…” menu, you can find a sub menu with various options. First check Connection and define the Host:port. Eg: The default port is selected (Port 22). You can change that if needed. Then you can either Save as Default or Save Settings option in the menu. Once it is saved, you can use the Load settings… option to load the settings at any time – same as the normal Putty for PC. Once it is connected, you can sent commands by Send… menu. It has options for sending text. special characters etc. Once connected, by using the Settings and tools… menu you can change the font size, toggle full screen.


Download from Source Forge. (You should select the S60 third edition option that says Nokia 3250, E61, N80, and others)

In case of an installation error, see this page


March 18, 2007 - Posted by | N73 Applications, N73 Free Applications

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