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VNC Viewer for your Nokia N73

There is an open source VNC Viewer available for the S60 3rd platform. So with this powerful tool in your N73 you can remote control your office computer, or any computer installed with a VNC server.

For connection you need to specify the IP address and port. Once connected, you can send text commands, special chars and keys (like page up, page down etc)

Screen Shots

screenshot0048.jpg screenshot0049.jpg

Download from SourceForge

In case you are not familiar with VNC please read below. 🙂

What is VNC ?

Well, VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. Please find more at WikiPedia.

What is the Use ?

Using this, we can remote control a computer running anywhere in the world.

How to ?

The VNC Server version which is available freely (commercial versions with more features are available) should be installed on the computer that is to be controlled remotely. Then using the VNC client we can connect to that computer through Internet/LAN/WAN etc.

In the same WikiPedia page a comparison of various free and commercial VNC Servers are given at the bottom.

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March 27, 2007 - Posted by | N73 Applications, N73 Free Applications, Remote Controlling


  1. dude, great page, got myself a N73 yesterday and i found your page very helpful in my quest for N73 stuff!


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