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Dictionaries for your Nokia N73

A dictionary is always handy. You will find it useful in various occasions. Here I am reviewing 3 of them. Two free dictionaries and a commercial one.

1. Dictionary 2.0

This is based on the Webster’s dictionary. Download size is over 2.4 MB and need 6 MB space for installation. So it is recommended to install it in your memory card.


  • Fast
  • Includes parts of speech as examples
  • Free
  • Easy to install


  • The interface is not designed well. For eg: to search for a word, you need to enter the text then click Option button, and should select Lookup. Also, for searching another word, you need to press the Option key and then should select the Back menu. This could have been avoided by a direct key for searching and to start a new search.
  • No support for multiple dictionaries
  • No auto lookup. That is you need to type the word fully. It can’t suggest a word for you. So if you misspelled the word, you will not find it. For eg; if you give ‘parrit’ instead of ‘parrot’ it will not show any results.

How to Install?

Installation is very easy. Download the file from . The file size is over 2.4 MB. It will take 6MB of space on your phone. So, better to install it on the memory card.

screenshot0075.jpgscreenshot0076.jpg screenshot0077.jpg

2. S60 Dict

It is an open source application based on DICT databases. Initially it was not available for S60 3rd edition devices. Thanks to Yohanes Nugroho for porting it to S60 3rd edition devices like Nokia N73. You can read more about this.

Update: You can also download the source code from S60Dict Sources


  • Open source
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Bilingual support.
  • Support for adjacent words. That is even if I misspelled a word, it can show matching results. It is a very handy feature.
  • More easier to use than Dictionary 2.0. It can search a word by pressing the [right option] key. and can use the left [option key] for starting a new search. Only fewer keys to press.


  • Not easy to install. No dictionary is included with the application. You should download them separately.
  • No Automatic lookups. That is it can’t suggest a word, while you’re typing.

How to Install?

As I have mentioned, installation is not very easy. Here is a step by step method. Follow it and you can install the most powerful free ware dictionary in your Nokia N73. 🙂

  1. Download the main application.
  2. Install it using Nokia PC Suite or by transferring it via bluetooth. Better to install in the memory card as the sizes of dictionaries are huge.
  3. Now you need to download dictionaries. One good English dictionary recommended by the S60 Dict author is Wordnet. You can download it to your computer from here . If you want to use other dictionaries, goto You can find many dictionaries there. For bilingual support you should download both dictionaries. For eg: say, you need English to Arabic and Arabic to English dictionary, you should download both of them.
  4. Now you need to extract the archive. You will get two file types. One is and the other is .index. Now you need to ASCII sort the index file. Use the batch file given by the author for sorting. Follow the simple steps.
    1. First copy the batch file to the same directory where we have extracted the files.
    2. Go to command prompt. (Start -> Run and type cmd for getting a command prompt in Windows XP. Change directory to the folder. For eg:
      C:>cd path_to_extracted_folder (Replace the path)
      C:/>sort_file.bat name.index
      (where name.index is the .index file)

      Now the file will be sorted. (It will create a copy with a .copy extension. While the sorted file name will be the same)

  5. Now you need to transfer the two files to your phone. Create a folder “Others” in the folder “Data” (It it is not there) on the memory card. And copy the two files into the directory ‘Others‘ that we have just created. (Memory card is recommended as the dictionary size is over 10MB. But if you don’t have a memory card, you can also copy it to phone memory in the same way).
  6. Now if you don’t have any other dictionaries it will be selected as default. Otherwise, open the application, press Option button, and select a dictionary using the ‘Select Dictionary‘ menu.

Another recommended dictionary to use with this is the Jargon which contains hacker’s terminology. You can install this in the same way.


3. MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Do you have money to spend? Then this is the best dictionary. But at a heavy price tag of $39, this is surely not for everyone.


You can read more and download a trial version from


  • Good features.
  • Best dictionary
  • You can try it for 30 days


  • Priced very high.


Well, if money is no problem, then go for the MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus.
For starters, try with Dictionary 2.0. It is easy to install and use.

S60 Dict is the best considering the price ( 0 $ ) and features. It may be a little bit difficult to install for newbies. But it is very powerful. Thanks to Kostas Giannakakis for developing and Yohanes Nugroho for making it compatible with S60 3rd devices. 🙂


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Create your own themes with

Here is a free web site that allows you to create free themes for your Nokia N73 (Actually, it supports many phones). It is very simple. And yes, now it supports customization of application icons too – That is, you can use your own image or select from a large collection of icons and apply as your application’s thumbnail. (There are some cool Mac OS style icons 🙂 ). You can also create a theme by just uploading one image file. So it is the best place for starters as well. You can also share your theme and/or download themes created by other users.

First you need to register. If you don’t have an account goto and sign up. If you have an account, then sign in.

Click on the Create tab for creating a new theme. Select Skin Type 3 for creating themes for N73.

Now you can create a theme in three steps.

Step 1: Create Idle Background (The one we see normally)

Upload your image. The site doesn’t support much editing options. So it is better to use your own editor to crop/resize the image to 320X240px and then upload (In this way, you can also save bandwidth too ). Otherwise, using the tools provided,  we can crop an image. Hold Shift key to resize the selection rectangle and select an image area.  Click on the Done button or Preview. 

Step 2:  Create Active Background 

If you don’t need further customization just select the option Use Previous Image and Continue to step 3.

Upload the picture in the same way. You can preview and  once you satisfied with the results, click Done.

Step3:  Advanced Customization

Click on the  Create My Skin Now for  creating a skin with the default  icon set for applications.
Otherwise click on Advance Settings button. Now you have several options. All changes can be previewed on the right side. So experiment with it and you will improve.

  1. Add Color Filter :- The image can be a little bit lightened for better readability using this filter.
  2. Analog Clock Style:- You can either upload your own clock image or select from an existing collection.
  3. Signal/Battery :- Select from gallery or upload
  4. Application Icon :- This is the best part. You can select an icon for the applications. Click on change icons. For each of the application listed there, you can either select an icon from the gallery or upload yours. There is a  good collection of icons you can use including some cool Mac OS style icons. If you prefer your own icons, make sure they are of resolution 128 X 128px,
  5. Music Player / Calendar / Go to Background
  6. Popup Background / Selector / CallerID Background
  7. Text & Icon Color :- Finally you can select the  colors

After everything is done click on the Create My Skin Now button.

Now you can give the theme a name, description, tags etc. You can also select the share status. You can make it either public or  private. Now you can Save the skin.

Now you can go to  My themes for editing or downloading themes you have created.

Click on the theme thumbnails to get the download page. You can either download to PC or use your phone’s wap browser for downloading themes.

Upon registration you will get your skin URL like  (Replace [username]  with your user name).  You can  send that link to your friends. Users can subscribe to your themes / Message you  or Sign your guest book.

Hope you will start creating themes now. Please don’t forget to share your themes for us. 😉

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Flash Lite 2.1

Flash lite 2.1 compatible contents are growing. If you haven’t yet updated to Flash Lite 2.1 it is the right time to do so. Though you Nokia N73 comes pre-installed with Flash Lite, it is not compatible with the new applications and games.

There are plenty of features for developers. We can expect tons of flash lite applications in the very near future. Now a flash developer can program for a mobile phone without worrying much about the mobile architecture.

It supports Action Script 2.0 and XML Data. You can find a features list at Adobe.

Want to be a flash lite developer? Check this page from Adobe. There are lot of documentation and informations.

To download

Visit the downloads page on Adobe. You need to have a Adobe ID and Password. If you don’t have, create one just by selecting the appropriate radio button to create a new account. After accepting the agreement (EULA), it will show the download page. Otherwise click here and go to the section
Flash Lite 2.1 Standalone Player for Symbian S60 V3.0. Click on the Download for Windows link. It is over 550KB. After downloading, install it using Nokia Phone manager or just transfer it to phone via bluetooth and install the application.

Please note that, this installation will not remove or update the previous flash player. It will remain there. So in your applications menu there will be two flash players. One called Flash Player and the new one as just Flash.

Finding Applications and Games for Flash Lite

You can find applications as well as games from the Adobe exchange center.

As FlashLite 2.1 supports flash player 7 contents, you can try all of your old flash games. And probably newer games will also run fine.

Some other links : – This is a flash lite game review site.

New to Flash on Mobile? here is a nice article for starters

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Space Impact Light – From Nokia Downloads

Previous week I checked the download section of Nokia N73 (Menu->Download!). And surprisingly I got a new game available for download. It is the next generation port of the very popular space shooter game Space Imapct. It is named  as  Space Impact Light. If you have seen the videos in my previous post, then you might remember this game is featured there.

Graphics are good looking. Game play is also good. It has lot of options. You can choose from any of the three characters, whom have unique abilities and flaws. Can buy new weapons using your credit. You will start with a credit of 200pts. Well, the difficulty level is some what high for a beginner (I just passed the first mission). You need to choose your weapon wisely.

To download, check your download! section (Menu -> Download!). Open the Nokia Extras and start downloading. The game is very large in size (Upon installation, it shows 4 MB). So wait a little and enjoy gaming 🙂

Thanks Nokia, for making it available.

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Next Generation Games – Video Previews

Two videos from Youtube featuring previews of future games. Check the graphics. It is awesome. All these games will be playable on latest N Series phones and is playable on Nokia N73.

Video 1

The second one is more enjoyable.

Video 2

Digg This

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