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One week with my Nokia N73

In the previous week, I was staying in the hospital. No computers, TVs or Music Players. No tech magazines either. It would have been a boring week. But thankfully there was my Nokia N73 with me.I was not prepared to stay in the hospital. Otherwise, I could have encoded some movies (If encode with average quality, I can store 6-8 movies at least) and store it on my 1GB memory card. But there was no time. All I have on my phone was some divx movie songs and some musics.

Fortunately I have unlimited GPRS connection on my mobile. So instead of tech magazines, I could always browse to tech sites. But I prefer the Mobizines way. I have already installed it. So I just subscribed to some more tech mags like Pocket Lint, ZDNet UK, CNet UK, Tech Digest etc. As Mobizine is optimized for mobile resolutions (For N73, it is QVGA – 320 x 240 px) there will be no horizontal scrolling. And the text is very clear to read. So I could always read all news and reviews I want. I also subscribed for some RSS feeds using mobizines.

I played the divx movie songs using Mobile DivX Player. Then I logged into Mobango and downloaded some video clips and some intersting pictures. It was fun to browse around using the WAP browser. Some video clips are in divx format. So once again the free Mobile DivX player came handy. Then I tried Coogee – another media sharing site. I liked the interface. Navigation is easy. I can download video clips, audio clips, ebooks or any user shared things. A nice handy application. Then there was Symella, the P2P client for Symbian. I found some videos and ebooks.

As there wasn’t much music left, I tried the S60 Internet Radio. This is an open source application made by Nokia. Though it doesnt have an eye catching interface, it is simple and usable. I downloaded some playlists from ShoutCast site. As I only have GPRS connection, I could only listen to songs encoded in 24Kbps or less. At this bit rate, the streaming was smooth without any interruption.

I have the habit of reading books (mainly fictions). So my Mobi Pocket Reader helped me to read ebooks. Texts were very sharp so that it is easy to read. It can display more than 20 lines of text in screen. – more like reading a paper back edition. I searched for free ebooks and found some fictions.

Checking my mail wasn’t a problem at all with the Gmail client. It displays emails as conversations. But it has problems when displaying images that is sent along with the text. If it is sent as an attachment it is ok. Otherwise, it doesn’t displays them. I have also set up the POP3 account for my office use.

The next handy thing was EQO Mobile. Using this I signed into Google talk, MSN, Yahoo. I can even login to multiple accounts. So I could always chat with my friends.

Also there was Shozu installed on my phone. I subscribed some more Zu Casts – some of them are videos and some are images. I could also upload the photos (Flickr) and videos (YouTube) using the Share It service.

Other handy utilities were SpotOn – the torch facility was very handy at times and Calcium Calculator – I used it a lot for verifying my bills.

Besides, I played games and browsed a lot. (i love to check my blog stats every day and checking forums) and the week wasn’t boring as it would have been. 🙂 Thanks to my Nokia N73.

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April 6, 2007 - Posted by | N73 General

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