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Voice commanding your Nokia N73

Well, you may know this. But I decided to write about this becasue, my friend was totally unaware of it and was stunned when I used it.

What I am saying is you can control your phone (well, not fully) by talking to it. It has a descent speech recognition system which can be used to dial your contact’s number or starting an application. Isn’t it cool that you can enable or disable bluetooth by just speaking “Bluetooth” to the phone? Or “Gallery” to open gallery, “Camera” to open the Camera application, or even “New Email ” for creating new emails. You can add more or edit commands too. If a command is not recognized, a “No match found” voice will be produced by the phone.

To use this, go to Menu by pressing Menu key, then tools. Select Voice Cm (refer screenshot). You will be presented with available voice commands. You can add new commands by pressing Options button. You can change a command by selecting Change command option. Or the phone will playback the command if you select Playback.

screenshot0062.jpg screenshot0065.jpgscreenshot0064.jpg

One limitation is you can’t add additional applications that doesn’t comes with the phone. For eg: you can’t add a command to start your Gmail Application or Mobizines.

screenshot0063.jpgTo start commanding your phone, press and hold the right Select button (placed on the right top side) until a speak now is displayed. Speak the command or contact name or nick name. The phone will talk back the recognized command. If it couldn’t, a “No match found” will be talked back.

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April 16, 2007 - Posted by | N73 General, N73 tips

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