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Flash Lite 2.1

Flash lite 2.1 compatible contents are growing. If you haven’t yet updated to Flash Lite 2.1 it is the right time to do so. Though you Nokia N73 comes pre-installed with Flash Lite, it is not compatible with the new applications and games.

There are plenty of features for developers. We can expect tons of flash lite applications in the very near future. Now a flash developer can program for a mobile phone without worrying much about the mobile architecture.

It supports Action Script 2.0 and XML Data. You can find a features list at Adobe.

Want to be a flash lite developer? Check this page from Adobe. There are lot of documentation and informations.

To download

Visit the downloads page on Adobe. You need to have a Adobe ID and Password. If you don’t have, create one just by selecting the appropriate radio button to create a new account. After accepting the agreement (EULA), it will show the download page. Otherwise click here and go to the section
Flash Lite 2.1 Standalone Player for Symbian S60 V3.0. Click on the Download for Windows link. It is over 550KB. After downloading, install it using Nokia Phone manager or just transfer it to phone via bluetooth and install the application.

Please note that, this installation will not remove or update the previous flash player. It will remain there. So in your applications menu there will be two flash players. One called Flash Player and the new one as just Flash.

Finding Applications and Games for Flash Lite

You can find applications as well as games from the Adobe exchange center.

As FlashLite 2.1 supports flash player 7 contents, you can try all of your old flash games. And probably newer games will also run fine.

Some other links : – This is a flash lite game review site.

New to Flash on Mobile? here is a nice article for starters


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