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Top 10 Free Applications for your Internet Enabled Nokia N73 – Part 2

The list continues …

5. Yahoo GO 2.0:-

The good: Lots of contents,  neatly organized, nice interface.

The bad: No Messenger, slow

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Typical usage: Under 1 MB per day. i.e 30MB per month

Recommended for all users.

4. Mobi Pocket Reader:- This is from Amazone and  is one of the best application for book lovers. The font is very crisp and is easy to read on your mobile. You can buy new books and read it on your Nokia N73. You can also convert pdf/office documents etc and transfer to your N73 using the desktop tool.

Typical Usage:- Based on the size of the book you want to buy.  Average book size is between 1 to 5 MB.

Recommended for any user who is interested on reading ebooks.

3. EQO Mobile / Fring :- If you want to chat with your friends or call them using skype you need this application. These are two different applications. I am listing it as one because it is for the same purpose with each having its own advantages.

If you are into Skype and voice calling then, Fring is the best. it uses VOIP.  But if all you want is to text chat with your friends on various messengers (Yahoo, MSN, google talk, ICQ etc) then EQO is better.

Read more on EQO.

I am planning to write more about Fring. For the time being  you can check more about Fring at their website.

Typical Usage: If you want to voice call your friends using Fring then it is going to be heavy on the data usage.

Voice calling is recommended for users with unlimited data plan only. (If you have a Wifi enabled  handset like the Nokia N80 then you could use it on a WiFi hot spot with better voice clarity. Well Nokia N73 doesn’t feature WiFi 😦

If you are into text based chat only, it is recommended for any user.

2. Mobizines:- If you like reading about technology, fashion, sports or anything this is the application for you. You can subscribe to many mobizines. A mobizine is nothing but an optimized version for your mobile. Most of them are updated daily. The list includes T3, Maxim, Gadget Candy, Glamour, Pocket Lint, Total Film etc. And the list is counting…

Typical usage: The contents are in a compressed format. So the bandwidth usage is very less.

Highly recommended for any users with a data plan. It won’t cost much even if, you are on a  very tight data plan.

1. Shozu:- Shozu is one of the best application available for mobile phones. It offers many thing. You can subscribe to ZuCasts. A ZuCast can be videos, images etc.

You can share contents via YouTube, Flickr or through many blogs. Well one downside here. It doesn’t support the new Blogger2 platform. If you’re still using the old one, then it will support it.

You can limit the download size or schedule the download. Thus you can save by downloading at non peak hours (most data plans  will feature a low rate for usage on non peak hours).

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Top 10 Free Applications for your Internet Enabled Nokia N73 – Part 1

Do you have unlimited internet connection / data plan enabled in your Nokia N73? Then here is the top 10 applications for your Nokia N73, that you can use to extract the maximum from your data plan. You can still use these applications even if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. But in that case, make sure you don’t get a huge bill 😉

Also read the typical usage (well, it is my usage 🙂 )  and recommendations.

10. Symella and SymTorrent :- Symella is a P2P client for GnuTella and SymTorrent is a bit Torrent client. What they do is usual. Download tons of data (vidoes / images / songs / applications or anything that is shared). You can easily download several Mega Bytes of data in no time. Just make sure you have a memory card to download all those stuffs. 🙂

Typical Usage : 20 MB / day(or night 🙂  . Per Month : 20 x 30 = 600 MB

Not recommended, if you don’t have unlimited data plan.

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9. S60 Internet Radio: Use this application to change your Nokia N73 to a true Internet Radio. S60 Internet Radio can play tons of internet radio stations from ShoutCast.

Typical Usage: 3 Hours a day.
Average Data Usage : 200KB per Minute (If, the station plays less than 32Kbps streams)
200 X 60 X 3 X 30 = 1080000 KB or ~ 1 GB per Month.

Not Recommended, if you don’t have unlimited data plan.

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8. GMail :- Gmail is now open to public. So if you don’t have one, it is a shame (Go to now). Use this application to read and compose new mails. It features almost the same web interface.

  • Mails will be grouped as conversations.
  • You can display labeled and starred messages.
  • You can search in mails

To download visit from your N73 browser


Limitations:- Attachments are not handled well. If images are attached, it will work. But if images are inserted in the messages, then it will not. Also, very long messages are truncated.

Typical Usage: It depends. But at least 1MB per day for the majority.
30 X 1 = 30 MB per month. (So this can be recommended for users with limited data plans also)

7. Google Maps :- This is the mobile version of Google’s famous application. More and more countries are supported now. It can be used even if your country is not supported because of the satellite view mode.

Typical Usage: This application downloads tons of data in no time. You can check this by  switching to the satellite view mode, and zooming in and out continuously.

Playing one hour daily with it, will make it download 5MB of data (average) .i.e 5 X 30 = 150 MB

Not recommended for users with a tight data plan.

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6. Coogees :- Coogees is a community where you can download/share videos, images, applications or anything. Each user will have his own space. And these files can be sent to friends on MSN messenger.

Typical usage: Depends as your interests. If you like to share and download more videos then, you will consume more data.

Typically, 10 MB / day. i.e 10 X 30 = 300 MB per month

It can be used by users with tight data plans with some care.

Read more…

Please wait for the next post to see the next 5 applications.  🙂

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All About Nokia N73 Themes

Well, this is just a collection of all of my posts regarding Nokia N73 themes.

1. Downloading Themes From Websites :- Here is a collection of 10+ sites, where you can download themes for your Nokia N73. (Free)

2. Create Themes Using Your Phone:- Create simple themes with your phone alone.(Free)

3. Create  Themes  Using Web Interface (Free)

4. Create Themes Using Web Interface (Commercial / Paid)

5. The Most Powerful Tool for Creating Themes. (Free)

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Create Themes using Your Nokia N73

Creating themes for your phone can’t be simpler than this. You don’t need a computer or any web site. All you need is your Nokia N73 and a freely downloadable application called Theme DIY (Do It Yourself). Click photos using your N73 camera and make themes instantly with this application.

Download the application from Nokia China. The application is not lite. It takes over 3 MB of your phone memory (Download size is 1.3 MB). So consider installing it on your memory card.

Upon first running, the application will show you 12 empty theme slots. You can create and store up to 12 themes.

screenshot0085.jpg screenshot0087.jpgscreenshot0088.jpgscreenshot0086.jpg

Click on any empty slots to create a theme. (Or you can edit a theme by clicking on it, provided it is not set as the default theme. So if you want to edit your current theme, then you need to change the current theme first)

You can select a theme template from the given six templates. It is the base for your theme.

Name your theme.

You can choose the background image for Idle screen. The selected effects (Fadeout, Blur) will be applied to the selected image when the Menu is active.

You can select a ring tone too.

Preview the theme and then Save.


This application is surely not the S60 Carbide.ui in a phone. It doesn’t offer endless customization options. But we love simple things, don’t we? 🙂

Note:- The Theme DIY is not a freeware. It is actually an application developed to install in phones developed by Nokia HongKong and Taiwan. You can read more about this, if you’re interested

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